No matter what your age, taking up some form of exercise is always a good idea. How should you take care of yourself when you are 50+? Are all exercises suitable? How can you avoid injuring yourself?
Torrential rain, extreme heat, a snow storm in Madrid... Sounds familiar? If we don’t take action now we’ll hear more of the same. How can small steps change the path we are on to the destruction of the only planet we have? Read what YOU can do.
How family relationships are formed, how to fix them and how to start creating new ones.
As with many proverbs, there is a lot of truth in the saying “You are what you eat” and the benefits of a healthy diet on your physical well-being cannot be denied. Can your diet also have an effect your mood?
SPAs are often associated with luxury beyond the reach of most of us. Is this true? Yes - if your vision makes you think of an exclusive hotel, where a weekend stay means a four-digit bill. No - if you read this post.
Are you at a loss when the grandkids come round? Check out ideas for spending time together. In the garden, at home, trips, sport...
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Ideas for keeping fit. Nordic walking, swimming, cycling... How to choose the right physical activity for you.
Climate change
Family relationships - difficult, wonderful, changing
Can your diet improve your mood?


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