50plus50 Club


Please read these Regulations of 50plus50 Club (hereinafter Regulations) prior to enjoying the services provided by 50plus50 Club in your own interest.
These Regulations lay down the rules of making use of 50plus50 Club and the manner in which it operates.
All the Annexes are an integral part of these Regulations.
Once you start making use of the services provided by 50plus50 Club, you accept the provisions laid down in these Regulations and you pledge to abide by them.


Administrator – an entity that administers and operates 50plus50 Club i.e. 50plus50 Ltd. With its seat at 5 London Road, London SW17 9JR, United Kingdom, registered at No. 8594982;

User’s account – an account accessible to every User after the User has logged himself in, where the User may post photographs, descriptions, commentaries, data and other information in accordance with the binding law;

50plus50 Club – an internet service 50plus50 for socializing, aimed at people over 50 years old interested in making new friends, operating at www.50plus50.com, owned by the Administrator;

User’s Profile – an individual User’s Account that contains data: photographs and other information entered by the User voluntarily and independently to identify them in 50plus50 Club and to enable them to be found in the 50plus50 Club search engine;

Regulations – denotes these Regulations with all the Appendixes;

Premium Status – denotes an additional status gained by the User after the User has made a required financial activation payment according to the payment option as selected by the User;

Services – the services provided by 50plus50 Club;

User – a physical person who uses 50plus50 Club, is over the age of 50, and has successfully logged into 50plus50 Club by opening a User’s Account; the services are for people over 50.


  1. 50plus50 Club is owned by 50plus50 Ltd.
  2. 50plus50 Club was created to enable people over 50 years old to make new acquaintances with people with similar interests and to maintain contact with them using IT solutions. Users have the possibility to communicate and express themselves, only limited by the nature of the Service.
  3. 50plus50 Club gives the possibility to obtain and present information about the Users to enable them to make acquaintances with each other, by: shared communication channels, searching the User profile database by given criteria and browsing User profiles.
  4. 50plus50 Club does not guarantee Users success in making new acquaintances, nor is it responsible for Users establishing or not establishing relationships with other Users.
  5. Registration with 50plus50 Club is voluntary and free of charge.


  1. Each User ought to abide by the technical requirements as laid down in these Regulations, and any actions taken by a User without abiding by these Regulations (willingly or not) shall be deemed the User's responsibility.
  2. In order to enjoy the services provided by 50plus50 Club, the User must have a device enabling them to browse the Internet, use electronic mail and a web browser. 50plus50 Club operates best when the following web browsers are used: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera. It is suggested that the user keeps their browser updated to maintain functionality.
  3. ​​Technical requirements are important for 50plus50 Club to operate well and to be displayed well in the User’s web browser as well as for the safety of the Users' data that are stored in 50plus50 Club accounts.


  1. Once the User has registered with 50plus50 Club, the User accepts that to ensure the highest possible quality of service provision in 50plus50 Club, it is forbidden to use 50plus50 Club, its functionality or individual services for purposes other than the nature and character of 50plus50 Club, and in particular the following are not allowed:
    1. the User shall not make and have more than one User’s Account;
    2. the User shall not disclose the User’s password to third parties;
    3. the User shall not let a third party use the User’s Profile;
    4. the User shall not post or send mails with the same contents to different Users (e.g. spam, chain information etc.);
    5. spamming, i.e. publishing content, posts and/or comments that are not relevant to the given topic;
    6. the User shall not share publicly in 50plus50 Club (e.g. on the User's Profile, comments on posts, etc.), any information in any form enabling direct communication with any User (e.g. e-mail address, telephone number, other contact details, etc.);
    7. the User must not post photographs:
      to which the User has no copyright;
      with pornographic or insulting content;
      of children;
      of anybody without their explicit consent.
    8. sharing in 50plus50 Club or sending offensive content or material to Users, violating applicable laws, in particular: pornography; discriminatory, racist, insulting content; offending religious feelings; misrepresenting Users or otherwise offending other Users' personal rights;
    9. publishing content for political, electoral, sexual, religious or other activism;
    10. undertaking any activities by which the User attempts to influence other Users, act to their detriment, cause damage to the Administrator or other third parties;
    11. the User shall not post adverts without prior consent of the Administrator - such adverts the Administrator may delete without having to notify the User of this act.
    12. posting or sending links, graphics or texts that clearly present or promote content or profiles from other social networks.
  2. In cases where the points described in p. 1 are breached, the Administrator, acting alone or reacting to Users' notifications, is entitled to delete such accounts or content.
  3. Once the User has made the Account with 50plus50 Club, the User undertakes and pledges that:
    1. the User has read and fully accepted the Regulations;
    2. the User will post any and all photographs, data and information (including personal data) willingly;
    3. the User lets the Administrator make the User’s Profile public, which means that an unlimited number of third persons browsing the internet will have access to the profile photo posted at the User’s Profile;
    4. the User lets the Administrator process personal data and personal image for the purpose of making them public by posting them in 50plus50 Club;
    5. the User lets all the data entered into 50plus50 Club be used by the Administrator for marketing, informational, statistical purposes and lets the Administrator make them public in such media as the internet, the press, radio, television, mobile/cell and stationary telephony;
    6. consents to the stamping of Users’ photos or videos by the Administrator;
    7. agrees to the Administrator promoting in 50plus50 Club and in the Internet selected shared Users’ content, which embodies the nature and character of 50plus50 Club;
    8. the User may agree to receive commercial information from the Administrator.
  4. While posting any materials or data in 50plus50 Club, the User represents he has copyright, right to make use of the image, valid licence, distribution right or written consent of the owner allowing the User to post the said materials or data.
  5. The User grants the Administrator, free of charge, a worldwide perpetual licence to use, record, sublicense and reproduce material and data posted in 50plus50 Club by any technology available for marketing, informational or statistical purposes, and for publication in such media as the Internet, press, radio, television, and mobile/cellular and landline telephony. The license expires when the User deletes their Account or the material and data covered by intellectual property rights, unless the User has made the materials and data available to other Users who have not deleted it.
  6. ​The User pledges to make a declaration that releases the Administrator from any responsibility in case any third parties should raise claims to the contents posted or the activities carried out by the User.
  7. If necessary, the User is obliged to take part in the case instead of the Administrator or on the Administrator’s side.
  8. Should the Administrator sustain any costs in connection with the claims raised by third parties because of the contents posted by or activities carried out by the User, the User shall cover these costs, including the damages that may be adjudicated.
  9. The Users take full responsibility for the contents posted in 50plus50 Club and their transfer to other Users.
  10. 50plus50 Club takes no responsibility for moral, emotional or physical damage sustained by the Users resulting from the use of the Services provided.
  11. Information provided by the User during registration, editing of the User’s profile and when using 50plus50 Club services, may be moderated by the Administrator, which means that the Administrator may refuse to share it on 50plus50 Club, delete it, as well as block or even delete the User's Account, if the given content or information is not allowed due to UK or international laws, the content of the given Regulations and etiquette or morality.


  1. Anyone who is of age, especially over 50, is entitled to be a member of 50plus50 Club.
  2. The user’s status is valid the moment an Account with 50plus50 Club has been established.
  3. In order to establish an Account, a prospective User must have an active email box.
  4. The procedure of the activation and registration of the Account takes places by steps, using the said email box and the sites of 50plus50 Club. This calls also for action on the part of the User that is described at each stage pf the registration process. 
  5. In order for the Users to be verifiable, the User during the registration process is required to enter the User’s login, name, email address and password.
  6. The User is obliged to enter true personal data. The User is forbidden from passing himself off as another person or entering untrue information into the User’s Profile.
  7. A person whose use of 50plus50 Club is inconsistent with its purposes, in particular a person who violates the provisions of the Regulations, a person using 50plus50 Club to inform, advertise, offer, sell or provide services commonly deemed to be pornographic or sexual, will not be considered a User. The administrator reserves the right to remove accounts without any notification of any given person who does not meet the description of a User given in the Definitions above.


  1. Through 50plus50 Club Users may search for Users’ Profiles on the basis of the given criteria as well as view the basic Users’ Profiles.
  2. The basic User’s Profile contains a photo profile image as well as information entered into and not withheld by the User.
  3. The User may post in their User’s Profile photo images with a maximum size of 20MB. The Profile image ought to show the User’s face in a manner that enable identification.
  4. An activation payment is required to gain Premium Status by Users who are registered and logged in.
  5. Due to security reasons, to communicate with other users in 50plus50 Club it is required to make an activation payment by purchasing Premium Status at least once. Following this a Standard account is free and maintaining Premium Status is not compulsory.
  6. The activation payment for Premium Status is not collected automatically after the user has established a User’s Account; it is made personally by Users by means of the payment services made available by the Administrator (e.g. Stripe) in accordance with the regulations thereof.
  7. Users who have Premium Status can use all the services provided by 50plus50 Club.
  8. The User’s Account is restored to the basic settings after the period for which Premium Status was purchased.


  1. The Administrator has the right to block a User’s Account if the User violates the provisions of these Regulations. The Administrator has the right to also block the use of particular Services if the User violates any of the provisions of these Regulations while using a service.
  2. The Administrator shall unblock the Account or the service(s) if the User takes steps as advised by the Administrator to remove the cause that made the Administrator block the Account or the service(s).
  3. The Administrator has the right to delete a User’s Account after the Administrator has called on the User to remove the cause that made the Administrator block the Account or the service(s). Such steps can be taken by the Administrator if the User:
    1. makes use of 50plus50 Club in violation of its purpose;
    2. has ceased to log into 50plus50 Club for 12 consecutive months;
    3. has more than one account;
    4. does not accepts the changes introduced to these Regulations by the Administrator.
  4. If the User takes a decision to delete their Account, the User does it on their own without notifying the administrator of it.
  5. The deletion of the Account, blocking of the Account or of a Service shall not be deemed as the User’s right to claim return of the payment for the services provided or for any compensation from the Administrator.


  1. Should there arise problems connected with the use of 50plus50 Club, all complaints ought to be addressed to the Administrator by means of the form available here.
  2. The complaints shall be handled by the 50plus50 Club service team within 14 days of the receipt of the complaint.
  3. The Administrator reserves the right to prolong the time given under (2) above by no more than 10 days. The deadline for handling the complaint shall be prolonged with each new bit of information provided by the User.
  4. The Administrator shall only have the right to make technical changes in the User’s Profile to remove the malfunctioning of 50plus50 Club.


The Privacy Policy of 50plus50 Club can be accessed here: https://www.50plus50.com/privacy.


  1. The Administrator is not responsible in any way within the limits compliant with applicable laws, for materials transmitted and shared by Users on 50plus50 Club, including for their truth, reliability and authenticity.
  2. The Administrator is not responsible for accidental or organized events that may or have occurred in the real world between Users that met through 50plus50 Club.
  3. The Administrator is not responsible for ‘theft of the User Account’ by any third party, nor for downloading photos of Users shared by them in 50plus50 Club and placing them on other websites or using them in a different way by third parties, because the Administrator is not able to prevent the copying of photos from 50plus50 Club.
  4. The Administrator reserves the right to independently undertake actions aimed at changing the visibility or even removing from 50plus50 Club the content shared by Users which is inconsistent with the provisions of the given Regulations or the nature and character of 50plus50 Club.


  1. 50plus50 Club uses so called cookies in order to provide services corresponding to the individual tastes of its users.
  2. Cookies are pieces of information stored by the server on the User’s computer that the server can read whenever the User’s computer is connected to the server. The User may at the User’s discretion turn off the cookies mechanism in the web browser, which may, however, result in certain difficulties while using the services.
  3. Cookies are used to collect general, statistical information about the use of the sites and subservices of 50plus50 Club by the Users.
  4. Non-acceptance or deletion of cookies may cause difficulties on the part of the User to use 50plus50 Club.
  5. Cookie Policy of 50plus50 Club can be accessed here: https://www.50plus50.com/cookies


  1. The scope of the services rendered may be modified by the Administrator by adding or deleting the availability of particular services.
  2. The Administrator reserves the right to unilaterally change these Regulations and pledges to notify the Users of the changes to 50plus50 Club within 14 days of the introduction of the change by posting such information on the 50plus50 Club site or by sending such information to the Users at the email addresses given by them at the registration with 50plus50 Club. All Users from time to time ought to visit the 50plus50 Club site and the Regulations site in order to learn about the possible changes.
  3. The User has the right not to accept the changes introduced by the Administrator. Lack of acceptance for the introduced changes implies the User’s consent to have the Account deleted.
  4. The Administrator shall not be held responsible for the correctness of the information or the data entered into and exchanged by the Users.
  5. The Administrator reserves the right to temporary deactivation of 50plus50 Club for the purpose of improvement, adding services or carrying out maintenance of which the Users shall be notified in advance.
  6. The Administrator shall not be held responsible for the loss of data stored in the Administrator’s computer systems due to equipment failure, internet malfunction, third party’s activities, theft of accounts, transfer of the Users’ photo images from 50plus50 Club and posting in other www services or using them otherwise, since the Administrator has no possibility of preventing the photos from being copied.
  7. The Administrator shall not be held responsible for anybody’s use of 50plus50 Club that violates these Regulations nor for any damage resulting from such improper use.