50plus50 Club is a community of people over 50 who are interested in making new friends and spending time together.


We help over-50s find people with similar interests, not only in your area, with the aim of actively spending time together.
Start discussions, comment, chat and communicate with others. Build new friendships. ūüėČ


What can I do with 50plus50 Club?

Share your ideas, experiences, hobbies...

With the Activities tab share your hobbies and experiences. Here you can also add interesting links, photos or other things you would like to share with other 50plus50 Club members. This is the simplest way to start discussions and let others know that you‚Äôre here. ūüėČ

Meet with your new friends, get to know new people...

Spending time with other, similar people is the main idea behind 50plus50 Club. Use the Meetings tab to spend your free time with others. If you are planning or would like to do something interesting, e.g. watch a film, go for a coffee or a walk, suggest your ideas for meetings in the Meetings tab or join existing ones. 

Life is a constant journey, made up of intertwining strands of human lives.
Find the joy that comes from meeting new, interesting friends who are worth getting to know.



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